Buying a Fixer-Upper That Needs The Gutters Replaced?

New Limited Repair FHA Loan for Homeowners

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Program Offers Buyers a new type of loan called a Streamlined K or limited repair loan gives buyers of fixer-uppers an incentive. This program allows you to spend a maximum of $35,000 on the following repairs and you can roll it into your mortgage:

  • Exterior/interior painting
  • Replace or repair:
    • a roof
    • windows and doors
    • gutters and downspouts
    • flooring
    • septic systems & wells
    • decks, patios and porches
    • heating and air conditioning systems
    • plumbing and electrical systems
  • Weatherizing your home including insulating, weather-stripping, storm windows and doors.
  • Buy new appliances including washing machines and dryers and microwave ovens.
  • Handicap Accessibility improvements
  • Lead Paint Abatement or paint stabilization
  • Basement remodeling or finishing that doesn't involve structural changes or basement waterproofing
  • Re-siding

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