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Choosing a Gutter Contractor

When choosing a contractor, always get more than one bid. Make sure the bid includes all carpentry-repair work such as replacing rotting fascia boards before installation starts. To ensure proper installation, check references, and drive by finished jobs.

The first thing you want to ask when getting an estimate is what gauge the aluminum is. Coil stock is sold in several thicknesses, including .032, .027, and .025 inch. The general rule of thumb is that thicker is better so be sure to specify the thicker .032 material.

Make Comparisons

Next you want to compare the price, the durability, maintenance requirements and warranties when buying gutters. The price of gutters range from about $4 to $20 per linear foot depending on the material you choose.

  • Galvanized steel gutters are the most economical ranging from $4 to $8 per linear foot.
  • Aluminum are slightly more expensive but these gutters never rust so it makes them a better value. Aluminum gutters run $5 to $9 per linear foot.
  • Vinyl gutters are the cheapest at $3 to $5 per linear foot but they can get brittle in extreme cold and crack. Copper and wood are the most expensive.
  • Copper is worth the price of $15 to $20 per linear foot because it doesn’t require any finish, it doesn’t rust and it lasts longer.
  • Wood requires a lot of maintenance which adds to the already high cost of $12 to $20 per linear foot.

Finally, check the warranty. For gutters and accessories, look for a warranty that runs at least 20 years, though a lifetime backing is preferable. For labor, one-year coverage is the minimum. Also be sure the contractor has completion insurance, which continues coverage on the gutters if he goes out of business.

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